How do you bury your best friend? You don’t.

VIP Aquamation Provides Compassionate, Respectful Water-Based Pet Cremation Services by a team of Licensed, Supportive Professionals

Watch a brief explanation of the benefits of Aquamation

Benefits of Aquamation

  • Water-based cremation (aquamation) is 100% environmentally-friendlythe kindest, gentlest way to return your pet’s, unconditional love.
  • You receive a larger amount of your pet’s cherished remains.
  • All services are carried out by licensed, dedicated professionals, at pricing comparable to conventional pet cremation.

Trusted for Over 20 Years
“You are compassionate professionals
that add a personal touch.”



24/7 Availability. At VIP Aquamation, we know that few things are as challenging as having to make cremation arrangements for your pet. That is why our representatives are available around the clock; once you place this important call, you will reach a supportive voice on the other end of the line.

Experience spanning decades. Family-owned and operated since 1933 with firm roots in the community, we are able to deliver the most reliable and affordable pet cremation services to you and your family during this difficult time. We have built a reputation of quality and sensitivity from generation to generation. As seasoned professionals, we are well aware of how important it is to be able to turn to people you can trust.

Licensed and dedicated professionalism. Our directors are trained to handle every phase of the process quickly and efficiently. VIP Aquamation will never keep you waiting and wondering about what is going on; we will listen to your concerns with patience and respect, and we will explain everything to you. Be assured that whatever decisions you rnake, the process will be handled with corn passion and dignity.