What is aquamation?

This completely ecologically conscious and bio-degradable pet cremation process – known as alkaline hydrolysis – utilizes water flow, temperature, and alkalinity. It is more like natural decomposition than any other cremation process.

Here are the facts. Alkaline hydrolysis, aka aquamation or water-based “green” cremation:

  • Uses 1/20th of the energy that conventional cremation uses (decreases electricity by 66% and natural gas by 90%).
  • Produces a carbon footprint that is one-tenth of what is produced by conventional cremation.
  • Reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions by 90%
  • Is 100% mercury-free
  • Breaks down chemicals and viruses into basic nutritive non-toxic elements at the end of the process

Aside from a small amount of liquid, only the bones remain (no black carbonized ash). In fact, you receive more of your pet’s cherish remains than with conventional cremation.

Even the residual liquid – a neutral solution of amino acids, peptides and sugars – is suitable for use as a fertilizer. This liquid gives the soil back its nutrients in a natural, non-chemical way.