Why aquamation? It’s an eco-friendly way to honor your best friend.

You have had a deep and loving relationship with your pet. It’s been a unique friendship that you never wanted to part with. So, when the end does come, how you handle it is a very important and personal decision. In fact, it’s the first step you take in the healing process.

Green pet cremation is a water-based, bio-degradable alternative that honors your pet in a very special way.

  • Special, because bio-cremation is a gentle process, similar to the decomposition that occurs in nature. We are all made of approximately 65% water; what could be more dignified than returning to our natural form?
  • Special, because making an environmentally-responsible choice preserves the dignity of your pet while not harming the environment.
  • Special, because unlike conventional cremation, you receive no black carbonized ash. In fact, you receive a larger amount of cleaner sand.