• Water-based cremation (aquamation) is 100% environmentallyfriendly – the kindest, gentlest way to return your pet’s unconditional love.
  • You receive a larger amount of your pet’s cherished remains.
  • Rates are comparable to conventional pet cremation.

We are dedicated to attending to all of your needs at this difficult time. We offer exceptional service and high quality, compassionate care, at a price comparable to traditional cremation to avoid additional financial strain. We will even pick up your pet, either at your home or at the vet, and transport them to our state-of-the-art facility.

Cremation Options: Choose from a private, individual, or communal aquamation.

  • Private: Your pet is placed in a cremation chamber completely alone. Once the cremation is complete, your pet’s remains are removed from the chamber and returned to you.
  • Individual: Your pet shares the chamber with other pets, although each one is identified with a unique tag. Once the cremation is complete, you can be sure that you are receiving only your pet’s remains.
  • Communal: Your pet shares the cremation chamber with other pets, and the remains are not kept These remains are not returned to you, but are lovingly scattered on private land by one of our staff members.

You and your family are welcome to spend time with your pet before any process you choose.

Post Cremation Options: Bio-cremation does not mean that you cannot honor your pet in traditional ways. You can have a natural burial, or a green funeral, or disperse the ashes without harming the environment. Let us help you select an urn, plan a burial, or even scatter the ashes for you.